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How to make a page?

Create new page by clicking on the contribute button on the right top. You can find this button on every page on the wiki. Click in the list on "Add a page". Add a title and you can start. After writing the page don't forget to publish the page. If you forget this, the information on the page is lost.

Basic structure for content pages

You start with adding the template of the country, you can do that by adding for the country Germany for example the following code: {{Germany}}.

At the top of the page a slider with photos of the country's attractions (If possible).

Underneath the slider insert a template for the specific information. Such as population, area, time zone, province, state and region. If you need help with it you can ask an admin for help on his message wall. Frequently used templates can be viewed here.

Add some more information/details after the template (if possible).


On most pages there are infoboxes or templates. They show the basic info about a country, city, mountain, ocean, sea, river, canal, nature park etc. To find the code of the infoboxes, please visit a page about the topic and copy the code of the infobox to the page you're going to write.

On this page you will find the codes of the infoboxes frequently used on the wiki.

If you need help you can always ask an admin.


To add picture(s) to a page, there are several options. You can add by using a slider or a single picture. You can add these to pages on the right side of the edit view. For flags of countries, regions, states, provinces and cities are in different specific pages.

Don't forget to publish your edit if you've finished.